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Booking Management

Working with our team your investment is in safe hands to maximise bookings, turn around, quality of stay for your guests, excellent cleaning services, welcome pack bespoke to your requirements and all client communications completed on your behalf.

What happens if a booking is cancelled or there is late availability? No problem, we will promote the availability on our channel manager and social media to secure a booking.

Our focus is having the properties on our portfolio occupied week after week – a being based in Devon – we certainly have the visitors coming to the area!!

No worries about bookings, communications, welcoming guests, cleaning or payment.  A complete turnkey process.

We will report to you as required. Providing a portal to view your bookings and income.

Reviews from all guests will be encouraged, as well as regular communication after their stay to encourage further bookings and returning stays.

Cleaning & Linens

Cleaning and Linens are essential to a quality stay and presenting your investment to guests – to convert them to regular visitors and advocates of your accommodation.

Our wish is to present your holiday home as you envisioned to your guests. We will meet with you to discuss your requirements in full as well as the best and most cost efficient way of presenting your vision. We have links to professional linen services across the county and can arrange the purchase, hire, clean and turnaround of all linen as part of the Signature service.

Once the process and price of your linens has been agreed we will maintain this quality and presentation going forward, working closely with our cleaning team to monitor the upkeep of these standards.

We will liaise with the linen company to monitor this relationship and the service provided.

Our cleaning team are central to Signature’s success – the cleanliness of any accommodation is essential to a successful stay. Our cleaners are rewarded and monitored for excellent work, an eye for detail and clear instructions on the requirements from both the owners, Signature and having pride in their work.

Our processes include (bespoke to each property); clear tick list systems, itinerary for linens, towels and kitchen items, photos of before and after cleans, smooth reporting of maintenance requirements and emergency cover for cleaners when needed. All cleaners are Self Employed and incentivised to complete excellent work for our clients and their guiests.

Guest Liaison

We know this beautiful part of the country from living here for many many years – we want to tell your guests the best places for dinner, afternoon teas, places to visit, arrange their requirements to make their stay what they want it.

The devil is in the detail.

We can organise all requirements to suit the needs of the visitors and suitable to your property. Be it – a hot tub, cocktail night, professional chef, BBQ pack or arranging a table at a lovely restaurant, tickets for a show and taxi back – we want to be the “Go to” to help the guests have a special trip to remember and fit in like locals – nearly.

Marketing & Social

We all know marketing and social are an essential part of having your property booked and for repeat bookings.

With Signature we will promote your investment on our social media platforms, through our channel manager across all the booking platforms and your website.

We have an option to manage your social media as well, which we are happy to discuss.

Our team are incredibly experienced in hospitality and marketing. We would be delighted to discuss, arrange, advertise and complete exciting events to promote your location, encourage bookings and special events relevant to the area.

There are so many options available – the sky is the limit!

Serviced Accommodation

We choose to work with quality accommodation across the region to deliver the personalised service expected and beyond. Furnished and presented as you’ve envisioned – cleaned and maintained as you’d like to arrive to and stay with your own family.

We will monitor all bookings, guest coms, cleaning, linen, welcome packs and maintenance as discussed at initial meetings and within our contract. We will provide systems for reporting and enabling you to see your bookings and income, without having to action anything!!

The client experience while we represent you and your investment is essential to our service.

We will personally assist your guests with their requirements – what will make their stay special? How can we help? Follow up for reviews and repeat bookings, try to help to make their trip something special to remember.

Our serviced accommodation service has been designed to make the best possible experience for everyone involved.


The Signature team are all local – we love where we live and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Being here all year round for decades we have invested in property, renovated, rented, sold and made our homes.

We know what the market is doing, the word on the grapevine and items regarding planning and developments.

We have a portfolio of residential letting properties which we monitor successfully remotely. Always on hand for the tenants and landlords with robust systems in place to check all requirements to be effective.

We will run your investment as instructed and offer the knowledge we have to assist further.

Please feel free to call or email us to let us know about your property, your requirements and how we can help.

Financial Solutions

As experienced investors, agents and property owners in the area we are knowledgeable in the various options available when financing or refinancing your property investments.

We have links with Commercial Financial Brokers, Residential Financial Advisors, Investors, Accountants and Solicitors who will offer to help.

Nick is involved in several Rent to Rent properties in Exeter and is able to help with options such as this should it suit your requirements.

Whatever your situation, we are very experienced and knowledgeable in investments in the area and happy to help. If you require informal advice on your situation, please call us for a no obligation conversation and we can help signpost to a suitable firm in the area who would be a subject specialist on your query.